The Latest Happenings

Hi everybody! Thanks for checking out the latest happenings at our Aiea Heights and Waialae Senior Living Homes. 

The first notable thing that's happening at Aiea Heights SL is a little bit of fixing going on. You may have noticed that the view from the living room has gotten a bit better. That is thanks to Carlene's team of volunteers that did two container-full loads of tree trimming with more to come.

One of the upstairs bathrooms at Aiea is pretty close to being done. It's already fully functioning because everyone couldn't wait. Hopefully the additional space and design will make it easier for the residents as well as the staff to get all the residents' bathroom needs taken care of more comfortably and efficiently.

The construction was hopefully not too disruptive to the daily routine of our residents. But its not over yet. The driveway potholes are being fixed and the next thing on the agenda is the painting of the outside of the house along with some other things to spruce up our Aiea home. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We all hope it will be worth the wait.

Carlene is working as hard as usual stressing the importance of activities in keeping everyone's minds exercised in conjunction with their bodies. Halloween seemed to have brought out the creative side of many of our residents.

Here you can see Sue (left) slaving away in Carlene's pumpkin sweat shop making sure she meets the quotas for the October 31st deadline.

On the right is 99 year old Mrs. Okazaki who used to refuse to participate in the activities, games, and exercise. She's definitely had a change of heart and spirit while also proving that lefties, at 99, can still color inside the lines.

Carlene has always believed that everyone has something inside them that gives them a reason for living. Its just a matter of finding what that something is. For Mrs. Emmos (left), she was showing signs of becoming more depressed. She had often claimed that she couldn't stand or walk and the signs of frustration were becoming more evident. Carlene put elevated gardens together at both Waialae and Aiea for the residents to grow their own vegetables. This is Mrs. Emmos in her whole new world where she looks forward to tending to her lettuce and is often seen "standing" so she can make sure that even the ones in the back are taken care of.

This is Nana (right) who can challenge anyone at doing hidden word puzzles. Its tough to pull her away from working on her puzzles but these furry guys seem to have done a pretty good job!

Mrs. Okuhara (left) had been telling everyone that she wasn't able to move her arms. As you can see, the day that Carlene treated everyone to a lunch at McDonalds,it took a treat from the hamburglar to prove her wrong.

And last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS go out to Mrs. Mitsunaga who received a certificate and silver cup from the Prime Minister of Japan for celebrating her 100th birthday!!!! Consul Masamori Kobayashi came over to present her the award. Mrs. Mitsunaga is only one of 18 Japanese people in Hawaii over a hundred years old. YOU GO GIRL!