"Aiea Heights Senior Living is a very special place! The management and staff are awesome. They are all so loving, caring, friendly, and fun. They provide excellent care. Your loved one will always be in good hands. My dad is really happy at Aiea Heights; it is his home away from home."

L. Matsuda

"We are so thankful that our auntie is able to live in the Aiea Heights Senior Living facility. Since my auntie does not have any children and is widowed, we were looking for a place that would provide proper care as well as a warm, comforting environment. Whenever we visit, we see our auntie enjoying herself in one of the many activities they provide or just relaxing and enjoying her meal. Although home is always my auntie's preference, there is no way she would get the care and attention she gets at Aiea Heights Senior Living. For this, we are truly grateful."

N. Imada

"I love visiting my grandma here! The staff and volunteers are the best, absolutely high class!"


"Our brother Robert has adjusted well from living alone in an apartment to the daily routine of living with others. The nurses have been so kind and patient with him. The staff is very caring with all the residents. Whenever we visit, the residents are always with some kind of activity (hitting the balloon to each other, karaoke, BINGO, golf, exercising, pantomiming, dancing, etc.) We never knew Robert could sing, but the nurses say he does and he has a nice voice. Who knew?! They also serve local food, which they of course enjoy. We also love the "homey" atmosphere."

A. Takushi and E. Sawai